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Eilan I Apartments San Antonio TX
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Floor Plans & Pricing

Floor PlanDescriptionNameSq.Ft.RentAvg. RentCategoryIsIncomeRestrictedFloorplanApartmentSizeId
483 sq. ft. S7-1 floor planStudio/1 with Wood FloorsS7-1483$853 4
 Studio/1 with Wood FloorsS3-1561$948 4
 Studio/1 with Wood FloorsS6-1543$957 4
514 sq. ft. S1-1 floor planStudio/1 with Wood FloorsS1-1514$976-$1,096$1,0364
574 sq. ft. S1-3 floor planStudio/1 with Wood FloorsS1-3574$991 4
 Studio/1 with Wood FloorsS7-4580$1,021-$1,293$1,1574
537 sq. ft. S1-2 floor planStudio/1 with Wood FloorsS1-2537$1,059-$1,320$1,1894
616 sq. ft. S1-7 floor planStudio/1 with Wood FloorsS1-7616$1,075 4
523 sq. ft. S7-2 floor planStudio/1 with Wood FloorsS7-2523$1,075 4
 Studio/1 with Wood FloorsS1-6613$1,080 4
 Studio/1 with Wood FloorsS8-2505$1,095 4
583 sq. ft. S1-4 floor planStudio/1 with Wood FloorsS1-4583$1,095 4
590 sq. ft. S1-5 floor planStudio/1 with Wood FloorsS1-5590$1,102-$1,432$1,2674
 Studio/1 with Wood FloorsS6-2634$1,120 4
624 sq. ft. S1-8 floor planStudio/1 with Wood FloorsS1-8624$1,130 4
 Studio/1 with Wood FloorsS8-1461$1,140 4
 Studio/1 with Wood FloorsS2-1/S2-2646$1,159-$1,446$1,3024
921 sq. ft. S1-10 floor planStudio/1 with Wood FloorsS1-10921$1,288 4
 Studio/1 with Wood FloorsS4-1/S5-1678$1,350 4
640 sq. ft. S3-3A floor planStudio/1 with Wood FloorsS3-3A640$1,375 4
 Studio/1 with Wood FloorsS1-9796$1,648-$1,748$1,6984
560 sq. ft. A20-1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA20-1560$1,025 4
612 sq. ft. A20-2 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA20-2612$1,050 4
782 sq. ft. A1-4/A1-4A floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1-4/A1-4A782$1,095-$1,240$1,1674
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA12-2757$1,105 4
732 sq. ft. A12-1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA12-1732$1,120 4
633 sq. ft. A20-3 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA20-3633$1,132 4
726 sq. ft. A1-2/A1-3/A1-3A floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1-2/A1-3/A1-3A726$1,145 4
795 sq. ft. A1-5/A16-1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1-5/A16-1795$1,170 4
933 sq. ft. A12-5/A12-6 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA12-5/A12-6933$1,180 4
675 sq. ft. A19-1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA19-1675$1,242-$1,342$1,2924
659 sq. ft. A20-4 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA20-4659$1,249-$1,549$1,3994
795 sq. ft. A21-1 floor plan1/2 with Wood FloorsA21-1795$1,252-$1,529$1,3904
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA12-3791$1,260 4
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA20-8793$1,260 4
879 sq. ft. A10-1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA10-1879$1,266 4
 1/2 with Wood FloorsA2-3898$1,270 4
915 sq. ft. A2-5A floor plan1/2 with Wood FloorsA2-5A915$1,280 4
689 sq. ft. A1-1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1-1689$1,280-$1,590$1,4354
 1/2 with Wood FloorsA11-1931$1,285-$1,578$1,4314
847 sq. ft. A1-9 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1-9847$1,285 4
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA20-5/A20-6709$1,308-$1,514$1,4114
 1/2 with Wood FloorsA2-4912$1,325 4
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA13-11,084$1,340 4
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA12-4/A1-7821$1,346 4
 1/2 with Wood FloorsA4-11,056$1,370 4
843 sq. ft. A1-8 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1-8843$1,387-$1,521$1,4544
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA1-12936$1,436 4
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA1-10906$1,437-$1,577$1,5074
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA1-11915$1,461 4
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA17-1/A20-7725$1,461-$1,566$1,5134
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA7-1874$1,472 4
 1/2 with Wood FloorsA2-2843$1,520 4
 1/2 with Wood FloorsA2-7962$1,530 4
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA18-1742$1,553-$1,653$1,6034
777 sq. ft. A15-1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA15-1777$1,557-$1,667$1,6124
977 sq. ft. A5-1 floor plan1/2 with Wood FloorsA5-1977$1,575 4
 1/2 with Wood FloorsA3-2930$1,595 4
 1/2 with Wood FloorsA9-1938$1,622-$1,722$1,6724
963 sq. ft. A14-1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA14-1963$1,666-$1,766$1,7164
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA8-11,033$1,720 4
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA1-6A817$1,746-$1,846$1,7964
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA2-1825$1,791-$1,976$1,8834
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA20-9877$1,792-$1,892$1,8424
 1/2 with Wood FloorsA2-81,003$1,835 4
928 sq. ft. A2-6 floor plan1/2 with Wood FloorsA2-6928$1,932-$2,082$2,0074
 1/2 with Wood FloorsA3-3/A4-21,051$1,946 4
 1/2 with Wood FloorsA6-11,210$2,022-$2,517$2,2694
 1/2 Loft with Wood FloorsL1-11,098$2,296-$2,396$2,3464
1,204 sq. ft. B1-3 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-31,204$1,587 6
1,208 sq. ft. B1-4 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-41,208$1,773 6
 2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-5A1,286$1,799 6
1,133 sq. ft. B1-1 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-11,133$1,820 6
 2/3 with Wood FloorsB2-31,305$1,845 6
1,310 sq. ft. B3-1A floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB3-1A1,310$1,850 6
1,466 sq. ft. B3-5 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB3-51,466$1,864-$2,021$1,9426
1,315 sq. ft. B2-7 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB2-71,315$1,870 6
1,307 sq. ft. B2-4 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB2-41,307$1,930 6
1,352 sq. ft. B3-3 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB3-31,352$1,964-$2,078$2,0216
1,528 sq. ft. B3-6/B3-7 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB3-6/B3-71,528$1,999-$2,162$2,0806
1,408 sq. ft. B2-16 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB2-161,408$2,025 6
1,377 sq. ft. B2-13/B2-14 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB2-13/B2-141,377$2,043-$2,219$2,1316
 2/3 with Wood FloorsB2-10/B2-11/B2-12/B6-11,370$2,070 6
 2/3 with Wood FloorsB3-21,323$2,075 6
1,174 sq. ft. B12-1 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB12-11,174$2,080-$2,193$2,1366
 2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-21,104$2,117-$2,587$2,3526
1,499 sq. ft. B2-18 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB2-181,499$2,135 6
 2/3 with Wood FloorsB3-41,413$2,165 6
1,277 sq. ft. B2-1 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB2-11,277$2,235-$2,335$2,2856
1,367 sq. ft. B2-9 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB2-91,367$2,245 6
 2/2 with Wood FloorsB13-11,162$2,275-$2,430$2,3526
 2/3 with Wood FloorsB2-81,330$2,315-$2,415$2,3656
 2/3 with Wood FloorsB2-51,313$2,329-$2,430$2,3796
 2/2 with Wood FloorsB11-11,297$2,371 6
 2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-61,305$2,409-$2,614$2,5116
 2/2 with Wood FloorsB5-11,078$2,484 6
 2/3 with Wood FloorsB2-61,314$2,530-$2,630$2,5806
1,370 sq. ft. B4-1 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB4-11,370$2,536 6
1,546 sq. ft. B2-19 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB2-191,546$2,656-$2,756$2,7066
1,386 sq. ft. B2-15 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB2-151,386$2,729 6
 2/2 with Wood FloorsB14-11,478$2,859-$2,959$2,9096
 2/3 with Wood FloorsB7-11,500$2,880-$2,980$2,9306
1,577 sq. ft. B2-20 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB2-201,577$2,880-$2,980$2,9306
 2/3 with Wood FloorsB9-11,302$2,899-$2,999$2,9496
 2/2 with Wood FloorsB10-11,273$2,921-$3,021$2,9716
1,512 sq. ft. B9-2 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB9-21,512$3,137-$3,237$3,1876
1,675 sq. ft. B15-1 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB15-11,675$3,224-$3,324$3,2746
 2/3 with Wood FloorsB8-11,483$3,234-$3,334$3,2846
1,473 sq. ft. B16-1 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB16-11,473$3,235-$3,335$3,2856
1,652 sq. ft. B3-8 floor plan2/3 with Wood FloorsB3-81,652$3,251-$3,738$3,4946
 3/3 with Wood FloorsC1-12,041$3,999-$4,099$4,0498



Amenities & Features

  • Crown Moulding
  • Fitness Room(s)
  • Hot Tubs
  • Access Gates
  • Business Center
  • Jogging Trails
  • Wall to Wall Carpeting
  • Patio/Balcony
  • Extra Storage
  • Ceiling Fans
  • 1 Tennis Court(s)
  • Vaulted / High Ceilings
  • Courtesy Patrol
  • 2 Pool(s)
  • Mini Blinds
  • Clubhouse
  • Pantry
  • Walk In Closets
  • Playground
  • Dishwashers
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School Information

  • District: Northside
  • May Elementary
  • Garcia Middle
  • Brandeis High
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Pet Policies

  • Cats and Dogs
  • 2 Pets Max
  • Breed Restrictions Apply
  • $400 Pet Deposit
  • $200 Non Refund. Pet Fee
  • $20/mo Pet Rent
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Other Information

  • La Cantera - Dominion - The Rim - Camp Bullis
  • 7 Stories
  • $75 App Fee
  • Bexar County
  • 539 Units
  • Hours: MF 9-7, SA 10-6, SU 1-6
  • Lease Terms: 5-15
  • Short Term Leases Available
  • Occupancy 95.4%
  • Management: Greystar Management
  • Year Built: 2011
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Parking Information

Parking Garage

About Eilan I

The Eilan I Luxury Apartments are a stunning community located in San Antonio, Texas near Interstate 10. Some of the most famous places in the area include Six Flags Theme Park, Sea World San Antonio, the San Antonio Zoo, North Star Mall, and Ingram Park Mall. There are several nearby recreational facilities like the Palmer Course at La Cantera, Rancho Diana Park, Friedrich Wilderness Park, Eisenhower Park, and Dominion Country Club. The community at Eilan I provides state-of-the-art comforts like a 14,000 square foot fitness center that holds a lap pool, tennis courts, demonstration kitchen, parking garage, billiards room, dog park, executive business center with conference areas, two magnificent pools, luxurious landscaping, and more.

Inside, the apartments have proud features like vaulted ceilings, granite countertops, gas stoves, high-end fixtures, full-size washer and dryer that load from the front, all Cherry cabinets, backsplash made from glass tiles, and all stainless steel appliances. Every door is custom made with granite handles and intricate details for extra character. Custom two-inch blinds give the home a cohesive feel. Ceiling fans in the living room and bedrooms provides a breeze on stuffy, Texas nights. Over the cabinet lighting and walk-in closets are available in some units.

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