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Broadstone Colonnade Apartments San Antonio Texas
4330 Spectrum 1 San Antonio, Texas 78230Shippy Properties
1 - 3 Bedrooms1 - 3 Baths$1,165 - $1,975
Sample Floor Plans
1,099 Sq Ft 2/2 with Wood Floors for $1,600 
707 Sq Ft 1/1 with Wood Floors for $1,210 
View All 8 Floorplans
Trails of Elm Creek Apartments San Antonio Texas
11444 Vance Jackson Road San Antonio, Texas 78230Lincoln Property Company
1 - 3 Bedrooms1 - 2.5 Baths$888 - $1,351
Sample Floor Plans
870 Sq Ft 2/1 for $1,097 
718 Sq Ft 1/1 for $967 
View All 7 Floorplans
Bella Madera Apartments San Antonio Texas
2914 Olmos Creek Dr San Antonio, Texas 78230GVA Property Management
1 - 2 Bedrooms1 - 2 Baths$909 - $1,466
Sample Floor Plans
475 Sq Ft 1/1 with Wood Floors for $944 
805 Sq Ft 1/1 with Wood Floors for $1,169 
View All 6 Floorplans
Sutton House Apartments San Antonio Texas
11711 Wall Street San Antonio, Texas 78230Shelter Corporation
1 - 2 Bedrooms1 - 2 Baths$640 - $1,400
Sample Floor Plans
810 Sq Ft 2/1 for $1,021 
581 Sq Ft 1/1 for $715 
View All 7 Floorplans
Astra Apartments San Antonio Texas
11838 Parliament St San Antonio, Texas 78216Westland Real Estate Group
Studio - 2 Bedrooms1 - 2 Baths
Sample Floor Plans
905 Sq Ft 2/2 
700 Sq Ft 1/1 
View All Floorplans
Indigo Apartments San Antonio Texas
11501 Braesview San Antonio, Texas 78213Shippy Properties
1 - 2 Bedrooms1 - 2 Baths$1,079 - $1,464
Sample Floor Plans
818 Sq Ft 1/1 for $1,114 
1,229 Sq Ft 2/2 for $1,464 
View All 11 Floorplans
Park at 38Thirty Apartments San Antonio Texas
3830 Parkdale St San Antonio, Texas 78229Franklin Apartment Management
2 - 3 Bedrooms2 Baths$1,111 - $1,283 *
Sample Floor Plans
1,088 Sq Ft 3/2 with Wood Floors for $1,283  *
851 Sq Ft 2/2 with Wood Floors for $1,111  *
View All 10 Floorplans
* Income Restrictions Apply
Signature Ridge Apartments San Antonio Texas
3711 Medical Drive San Antonio, Texas 78229Greystar
1 - 3 Bedrooms1 - 2 Baths$968 - $1,703
Sample Floor Plans
1,339 Sq Ft 3/2 with Wood Floors for $1,619 
933 Sq Ft 2/1 Studio with Wood Floors for $1,371 
View All 11 Floorplans
Mila Apartments San Antonio Texas
11726 West Ave San Antonio, Texas 78216Achieve Investment Group
Studio - 3 Bedrooms1 - 2 Baths$789 - $1,484
Sample Floor Plans
868 Sq Ft 2/1 for $1,024 
988 Sq Ft 2/2 for $1,154 
View All 7 Floorplans
Oak Creek Apartments San Antonio Texas
6111 Vance Jackson Rd San Antonio, Texas 78230United Apartment Group
1 - 3 Bedrooms1 - 2 Baths$841 - $1,412
Sample Floor Plans
960 Sq Ft 2/2 for $1,131 
1,000 Sq Ft 2/2 for $1,191 
View All 5 Floorplans
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Whispering Oaks Apartment Statistics

Property Count
Studio1 Bed2 Beds3 Beds4 Beds
Square Footage
Studio1 Bed2 Beds3 Beds4 Beds
Market Rent
Studio1 Bed2 Beds3 Beds4 Beds
Effective Rent
Studio1 Bed2 Beds3 Beds4 Beds
Effective Rent per Sq.Ft.
Studio1 Bed2 Beds3 Beds4 Beds

Most Expensive - Whispering Oaks, TX

Broadstone Colonnade Apartments Whispering Oaks TX

Broadstone Colonnade

1,311 Sq Ft 3 Bed, 3 Bath with Wood Floors $1,975 / mo

Least Expensive - Whispering Oaks, TX

Sutton House Apartments Whispering Oaks TX

Sutton House

562 Sq Ft 1 Bed, 1 Bath $640 / mo

Largest - Whispering Oaks, TX

Henley Park Apartments Whispering Oaks TX

Henley Park

2,700 Sq Ft 3 Bed, 4 Bath

Smallest - Whispering Oaks, TX

Keller Apartments Whispering Oaks TX


409 Sq Ft Studio, 1 Bath $826 / mo

Whispering Oaks Information

The Whispering Oaks neighborhood is located in north central San Antonio and unlike many other neighborhoods in the city it is based around the idea of open space and plenty of trees and outdoor foliage. Whispering Oaks was originally built in farm land and pastures that were purchased solely for development when the city of San Antonio began to expand to the north. As the city became larger and larger Whispering Oaks became quite popular and as such more residents began to move into the neighborhood in search of some additional space.

Part of what sets Whispering Oaks apart from other neighborhoods in the area is the history and tradition found in the neighborhood. Because Whispering Oaks was originally developed before the city began to expand there is much more space and plenty of trees and grass to keep everything more natural looking than most urban neighborhoods. Whispering Oaks is also packed full of things to do and plenty of necessary shops and businesses that you would expect from nearly an urban neighborhood. Due to the fact that Whispering Oaks is a neighborhood it is not surprising to find that there is a home owners association that controls and regulates basically everything that goes on in the neighborhood; they also put on multiple activities and celebrations throughout the year to celebrate holidays and seasons.

Overall the Whispering Oaks neighborhood is a very unique neighborhood with some interested and unique features that aren't found in most neighborhoods. Very few neighborhoods have the amount of space or trees found in Whispering Oaks and that is definitely what sets the neighborhood apart from others in the area. You will also find that Whispering Oaks has plenty of public parks as well as a public library and quick access to public schools as well. Whispering Oaks also has plenty of conveniently located shopping and dining locations that keep residents happy without encroaching on the neighborhood too much. Definitely take a look at Whispering Oaks as it is one of the more unique urban neighborhoods you will find in the San Antonio area; if you want something with a little bit more rural feel then you will still need to get further out of the city but Whispering Oaks really does a good job of creating a somewhat rural feel immediately within the city.

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