What to Bring to an Apartment Tour

What to Bring to an Apartment Tour

Embarking on an apartment tour is an exciting step toward finding your ideal living space. A well-prepared apartment tour can significantly enhance your experience and help you make an informed decision. In this article, we'll guide you through the five must-have items you should bring to an apartment tour to ensure you're fully equipped to assess the property and gather essential information.

Must-Have Item #1: Identification

Reasons Why Identification Is Necessary for an Apartment Tour

Bringing identification is not only a formality but also a security measure. Apartments are private spaces, and landlords want to ensure the safety of their current tenants and property. Identification confirms your identity and intention to view the property legitimately.

Types of Identification to Bring

Ensure you have a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport. Some landlords may also request additional forms of identification for security purposes.

Must-Have Item #2: A List of Questions

Types of Questions to Ask

Prepare a list of questions that cover various aspects of the apartment, including lease terms, utilities, maintenance policies, pet policies, and parking arrangements. Asking questions will help you gather detailed information and assess whether the apartment meets your needs.

Reasons Why Having a List of Questions Is Beneficial

A list of questions ensures you won't forget any important details during the tour. It also demonstrates to the landlord that you are thorough and serious about finding the right apartment. Having your questions ready keeps the conversation focused and productive.

Must-Have Item #3: A List of Necessary Amenities

Definition of Amenities

Amenities are the additional features and conveniences that a property offers beyond the basic living space. They can greatly impact your quality of life.

Examples of Amenities to Look For

Think about the amenities that matter most to you, such as in-unit laundry, fitness facilities, swimming pools, parking, and outdoor spaces. Your list will help you evaluate whether the apartment complex meets your lifestyle preferences.

Must-Have Item #4: Financial Information

Reasons Why Financial Information Is Needed for an Apartment Tour

Landlords want to ensure that potential tenants can afford the rent. Bringing financial information demonstrates your financial responsibility and ability to meet your rental obligations. Depending on your specific rental market, securing the rental of your dreams can be competitive. Keeping financial information handy can ensure that when you've made your decision to apply, you're ready.

Types of Financial Information to Bring

Prepare recent pay stubs, proof of employment, and any other relevant documents that demonstrate your financial stability. If you have a co-signer, ensure you have their information as well.

Must-Have Item #5: A Notepad/Camera

Reasons Why a Notepad and Camera Is Beneficial

A notepad is a valuable tool for jotting down notes, impressions, and measurements during the tour. It helps you remember key details later when comparing different properties. Additionally, a camera can help you remember the items you wrote about with greater detail and aid in future correspondence about any causes for concern.

Examples of Information to Write Down

Note the condition of appliances, fixtures, and any areas that need maintenance. Record measurements of rooms and closets to ensure your furniture fits comfortably.


Being prepared for an apartment tour is an essential part of finding your perfect home. By bringing identification, a list of questions, a list of necessary amenities, financial information, and a notepad, you'll make the most of your tour and gather the information you need to make an informed decision. Remember, a well-prepared apartment tour empowers you to find the ideal living space that meets your needs and preferences.