UMoveFree Presents: National Renters Day (October 8) 🏠🎉

UMoveFree Presents: National Renters Day (October 8) 🏠🎉

At UMoveFree, we’ve always been in the business of understanding and assisting renters. From our inception, we've recognized the unique challenges and joys renters face. Today, we're taking our commitment to renters a step further. We're proud to introduce National Renters Day on October 8th. Ten - 8...  get it?

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Why National Renters Day?

Navigating the world of renting isn’t always easy. The journey from searching for the right listing, deciphering complex lease terms, to handling unexpected household hiccups paints a vivid picture of a renter's life. But through all this, renters don't just rent spaces; they build homes, foster communities, and enrich neighborhoods with their energy and spirit.

With UMoveFree's close relationship with renters, we've witnessed firsthand the resilience and creativity of this community. It's high time renters had a day dedicated to their spirit and contributions. Thus, the birth of National Renters Day!

How Are We Celebrating?

We want this day to be more than just a nod of appreciation. We're giving you an opportunity to share your rental experiences with us.

🎁 We're offering 10 exclusive $10 gift cards to 10 renters who provide us with feedback! Whether it’s a memorable experience, a challenge you faced, or suggestions for the rental community, we are eager to hear it all.

The Vision Ahead

As we lay the foundation stone for National Renters Day, our vision is to see it celebrated globally. This day isn't just about recognizing the challenges; it's a toast to the vibrant hearts of renters who make every rented space a warm home.

Cheers to every renter out there! Together with UMoveFree, let's usher in this new tradition, marking a day of unity, stories, and shared experiences.