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Vanderbilt Apartments Clute Texas
101 Hackberry St Clute, Texas 77531Asset Living
1 - 3 Bedrooms1 - 2 Baths$575 - $1,125
Sample Floor Plans
840 Sq Ft 2/1 with Wood Floors for $809 
625 Sq Ft 1/1 with Wood Floors for $709 
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Park at Bellagio Apartments Clute Texas
100 Creekwood Landing Dr Clute, Texas 77531BR Premier Properties, LLC
1 - 3 Bedrooms1 - 2 Baths$895 - $1,722
Sample Floor Plans
1,252 Sq Ft 3/2 for $1,722 
611 Sq Ft 1/1 for $895 
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Costa Verde Apartments Clute Texas
101 Verde Dr Clute, Texas 77531Wilhoit Properties
1 - 4 Bedrooms1 - 2 Baths$699 - $1,389 *
Sample Floor Plans
1,167 Sq Ft 3/2 for $899  *
735 Sq Ft 1/1 for $699  *
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* Income Restrictions Apply
Brazoswood Apartments Clute Texas
255 Brazoswood Dr Clute, Texas 77531Wilhoit Properties
1 - 3 Bedrooms1 - 2 Baths
Sample Floor Plans
1,184 Sq Ft 3/2 with Attached Garage 
888 Sq Ft 2/1 with Attached Garage 
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* Income Restrictions Apply
Crescentwood Apartments Clute Texas
100 Lakeview Dr Clute, Texas 77531Mosaic Residential
1 - 3 Bedrooms1 - 2 Baths$830 - $1,240
Sample Floor Plans
641 Sq Ft 1/1 for $841 
1,064 Sq Ft 3/2 for $1,240 
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Castlewood Apartments Clute Texas
401 Lakeview Drive Clute, Texas 77531Independent
1 - 2 Bedrooms1 Bath$725 - $895
Sample Floor Plans
909 Sq Ft 2/1 for $895 
709 Sq Ft 1/1 for $725 
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Life at Forest View Apartments Clute Texas
201 Hackberry St Clute, Texas 77531Asset Living
1 - 3 Bedrooms1 - 2 Baths$630 - $1,350
Sample Floor Plans
800 Sq Ft 2/1 for $845 
850 Sq Ft 2/2 for $895 
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Olde Oaks Apartments Clute Texas
140 Lakeview Dr Clute, Texas 77531Wolverine Property Management
1 - 3 Bedrooms1 - 2 Baths$585 - $980
Sample Floor Plans
675 Sq Ft 2/1 for $700 
1,100 Sq Ft 3/2 for $980 
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Clute Apartment Statistics

Property Count
1 Bed2 Beds3 Beds4 Beds
Square Footage
1 Bed2 Beds3 Beds4 Beds
Market Rent
1 Bed2 Beds3 Beds4 Beds
Effective Rent
1 Bed2 Beds3 Beds4 Beds
Effective Rent per Sq.Ft.
1 Bed2 Beds3 Beds4 Beds

Most Expensive - Clute, TX

Park at Bellagio Apartments Clute TX

Park at Bellagio

1,252 Sq Ft 3 Bed, 2 Bath $1,722 / mo

Least Expensive - Clute, TX

LakeVue Apartments Clute TX


575 Sq Ft 1 Bed, 1 Bath $520 / mo

Largest - Clute, TX

Costa Verde Apartments Clute TX

Costa Verde

1,608 Sq Ft 4 Bed, 2 Bath $1,389 / mo

Smallest - Clute, TX

Life at Forest View Apartments Clute TX

Life at Forest View

475 Sq Ft 1 Bed, 1 Bath $630 / mo

Clute Information

The city of Clue Texas is a fairly large sized suburban city just of Houston. Historically Clute was a plantation town which was home to dozens of large plantations but as time passed and the city of Houston grew Clute eventually turned into a more suburban style city than an urban farm town. Throughout the mid 1900s Clute grew rapidly as more and more people moved into the area and schools and public buildings came along with the grown; ever since then the population of Clute has been growing steadily though the years. Officially Clute was not incorporated until the 1950s however.

Currently Clute is home to over 10,000 residents and hundreds of businesses and commercial ventures. There are plenty of jobs within the city of Clute and other nearby cities so more people are always moving to Clute; of course the city of Houston is also somewhat close so there are plenty of opportunities there as well. Houston is approximately 60 miles away from Clute which means it is likely too far to actually commute for a daily job but Houston is still close enough to reach in a short drive for things like shopping and entertainment. This is perhaps the biggest draw to the small town of Clute; Houston is near enough to make it accessible without really being close enough to cause major traffic headaches or other nuisances associated with a big city.

Clute is also quite a residential hub for many other small towns or cities in the area. Clute currently has a fairly dense population due to the small size and because of this there are always plenty of apartments available for rent within the Clute city limits. Because the actual land owned by Clute is only about 5 square miles there obviously isn't a whole lot in the way or large homes or land purchases but for smaller residences there is absolutely no problem. Check out some of the places available in Clute today if you are looking for a small city without the hassle of being right next to a big city then Clute is worth a look; if you're looking for a more urban suburb than Clute is probably a little too far out of the way to work well. Overall Clute is a unique city that offers plenty of housing and jobs without having to be directly affiliated with downtown Houston.

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