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  •  - White Settlement, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom$600 - $760
    • 2 Bedrooms$730 - $860
    Oak Timber White Settlement Apartments White Settlement, TX
  •  - White Settlement, Texas

    • Studio$650
    • 1 Bedroom$700 - $800
    • 2 Bedrooms$825 - $925
    Creek Apartments White Settlement, TX
  •  - White Settlement, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom$345 - $720
    • 2 Bedrooms$730 - $860
    Oak Timbers II Apartments White Settlement, TX
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White Settlement Information

The suburb of White Settlement is a popular choice among Dallas/Fort Worth residents that want to be close to the city without being forced to live directly inside the city limits. White Settlement is just to the northwest of Fort Worth and just like many other cities in the area it has a significant historical background; everything from the name to how the city was founded has an interesting story behind it and that is part of what makes the city of White Settlement such a unique and interesting suburban city.

White Settlement was officially incorporated in 1941 but the town of White Settlement was originally founded sometime in the 1840s. The town began life as a small trading town which drew in nearby farmers and ranchers as well as Indians and railroad workers that happened to be in the area at the time. The history behind White Settlement's name is also quite interesting; local historians claim that it came about after a series of new settlements were formed near the newly built Fort Worth. Of all of the settlements White Settlement was the only one designated for white settlers while the rest were primarily for Native American settlements; the name White Settlement obviously stuck with the town through history. Oddly enough there was an official vote in 2005 to change the name of White Settlement but it failed overwhelmingly.

The city of White Settlement is still quite small, despite having grown significant in the past few decades. Somewhere around 15,000 people live in the 5 square mile city and as such the population density is remarkably high in the area. Surrounding cities have also choked off any potential expansion for White Settlement so the actual land size of the city will likely remain unchanged. Being located so close to Fort Worth White Settlement has always been a popular suburb for families hoping to stay near the base; although there are plenty of other options available as well.

Thanks to community improvement projects and newly renovated city buildings the city of White Settlement has been truly modernized as far as city government and public works services go. The city has its own fire and police departments as well which are always close by in case of any type of emergency. White Settlement is a great choice for a suburb near Fort Worth and thanks to the variety of housing and rental options available there is never any shortage of property to consider within the city limits of White Settlement.