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  • - Kaufman, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom $1,220 - $1,410
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    • 1 Bedroom $1,281 - $2,215
    • 2 Bedrooms $1,426 - $1,534
    • 3 Bedrooms $1,725 - $1,855
    Bridgewood Ranch Apartments Kaufman TX

Kaufman, TX Apartments for Rent

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Kaufman Texas is the county seat of Kaufman County in Texas; Kaufman is known for its history and tradition but there are plenty of other factors that make Kaufman an attractive city to potential residents. Kaufman is located about 30 miles outside of Dallas which puts it well within driving distance; Fort Worth is also only about 60 miles away so Kaufman's location is perhaps one of the best features about this small city. The nearby highways are also quite a big draw to Kaufman as there are a variety of interstates and state highways that make it easy to get to basically any big city from Kaufman. Kaufman was named after the county of Kaufman, which got its name from a diplomat that lived in the area. David Kaufman was the first Jewish man to serve in Texas Congress and he made quite an impression on the area in the 1850s. That is why Kaufman county and Kaufman were both named after him. Currently Kaufman is a lot bigger than it was back then; about 9,000 people call Kaufman home and that number is still growing according to most estimates. Thanks to the large area of Kaufman there is also a fairly low population density and plenty of open land and room to expand and that is exactly what has been happening in many parts of Kaufman; homes and developments are constantly being built.

Overall Kaufman is a relatively nice city with plenty of benefits. Kaufman's location really is the biggest factor for many people because it is close to Dallas and Fort Worth but at the same time it is somewhat out of the city. The highway system that passes through Kaufman County makes it incredibly easy for commuters to get to work too so living out of the city is relatively easy when you live in Kaufman. The number of available homes or apartments is pretty much always fluctuating as expected but most trends show that Kaufman has been drawing in more and more residents thanks to the continuous expansion projects that keep bringing more homes and rental properties to the area. Consider Kaufman for your next home location and you may find that it really is well suited to what you need thanks to the easy access to Dallas and Fort Worth combined with the disconnected feeling of being a good distance outside of the big city limits.

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