Free Move Offer Moving Terms and Conditions

The Most Inclusive Free Move in the Industry!

UMoveFree is the only free move company that refuses to nickel and dime our customers with pages of fine print and extra fees.
As the largest and most reputable apartment finding service in Texas, our goal is to offer you a Truly Free Move!
In fact, the majority of the moves we arrange are completely free.
We never charge you extra fees for inventory items and "special handling" like other "move for free" companies do.
In fact, we guarantee you the most inclusive and professional free move offer available. Don't take our word for it...
Check out hundreds of UMoveFree customer reviews from satisfied renters that have used our service!

Have Additional Questions?

After reviewing the moving terms and conditions below you may have additional questions. If so, just contact one of our Move Coordinators for personal assistance.
Our Move Coordinator can explain everything and help you determine which move/rebate option is best the best deal for you. Be sure and always review our Moving Tips page.
Moving Assistance: 214.614.5442
Email: [email protected]

Two Free Move Options

You can view a summarized comparison of our free move options or review the full details below.

2.5 Hour Move - Rental Rate more than $1,200

  • Our free move offer is honest and simple; UMoveFree will pay for the first 2.5 hours of your move - unlimited items and no inventory fees!
  • Most local apartment moves fall within this time resulting in a completely free move for the majority of our customers.
  • Customer is only charged if move exceeds 2.5 hours.
  • Time overages are paid directly to the movers at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes ($100 per hour).
  • It's that simple; a Truly Free Move.
  • Have Questions? Contact one of our Moving Coordinators at 214.614.5442 or email us.

1 Hour Move Credit - Rental Rate less than $1,200

  • If your rental rate falls below $1,200 per month, you'll be entitled to a $100 Rebate or a 1 Hour Move Credit. If you chose the move credit we'll pay for the first hour of your move including any booking fees. You'll pay the difference to the movers at a rate of $100 per hour on the day of your move.
  • Additional moving time charges are paid directly to the movers at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes ($100 per hour).
  • Minimum move times may apply. Contact our Move Department for more information - (214) 614-5442
  • Remember - If you decide a move credit is not your best option just ask one of our associates to change you to a rebate instead.

Fuel Surcharge

Due to the recent surge in gas prices, a minimum Fuel Surcharge of $25.00 currently applies to all moves. This fee is paid directly to the moving company that performs your move. Additional fuel fees may apply if your pickup or drop off location falls outside our extended service area. Every customer speaks with a Move Coordinator prior to finalizing their move. Any applicable fees are discussed at that time. Customers can always switch to a cash back rebate so long as any scheduled move is canceled during normal business hours prior to the day of.

Move Loads and Unloads

  • Under certain circumstances, a customer may wish to provide and drive their own moving truck, but use UMoveFree's movers to either load or unload their belongings. For example, if you are moving to your new apartment from outside our extended services area(s) you may wish to rent a moving truck and use our load or unload service.
  • These customers may be offered a load or unload service.
  • Minimum move times may apply. Contact our Move Department for more information - (214) 614-5442
  • This option provides 2 hours of labor-only professional moving services.
  • Customer is only charged if labor time exceeds 2 hours.
  • Additional labor time charges are paid directly to the movers at a rate of $25 per 15 minutes ($100 per hour).
  • Have Questions? Contact one of our Moving Coordinators at 214.614.5442 or email us.


  • Items must be limited to what two people can carry safely. Your move will be performed by a 2-man crew.
  • All items must be removed from furniture and drawers and properly packed in taped boxes or plastic totes. Movers will not move items in bags, trash bags or luggage.
  • All items should be disconnected and ready to move. If movers must perform these services you may incur additional time charges.
  • Move time includes any wait time, such as waiting for you to sign your lease, get your keys, or waiting for you to arrive at a pick up or drop off location. Please complete the lease signing process prior to the arrival of your movers.
  • Movers may refuse to move any item(s) that require going over balconies or through windows.
  • Due to specialty moving requirements, movers will not move any musical instruments such as pianos, guitars, organs or amplifiers.
  • Movers will not move any weapons including guns and/or gun safes.
  • Movers will not move items of extraordinary value such as cash, jewelry or personal safes.
  • If either your pick up or drop off location is outside of our extended service area a trip charge may apply. Call for a quote.
  • If you have extra items and/or special handling requirements that are not on this list, please call (214) 614-5442 for pricing.


  • All move customers must submit a move request using our online move request system.
  • After submitting move request, customer must contact a UMoveFree Move Coordinator to complete the move scheduling process and to confirm scheduled date and time. Move Coordinators are available Monday through Friday during normal operating hours at (214) 614-5442.
  • All move requests must be submitted within 60 days of lease start date.
  • Please review our Moving Tips for information on how to prepare for your move.

Move Disclaimers

  • In rare cases, a customer's lease may fall below our minimum commission requirements. In these situations we reserve the right to offer a reduced rebate or move credit.
  • UMoveFree and its designated, independent moving company reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. A client who has met the qualifications and is refused service will be compensated with a rebate offer instead of our free move offer.
  • UMoveFree and/or its agents will not be responsible for damages caused to unboxed items and/or items that are not properly packed.
  • The moving company reserves the right to reschedule moves to the next available time slot due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.
  • UMoveFree and/or its agents will not be responsible for damages caused to furniture made with or of particleboard.
  • UMoveFree and/or its agents waive responsibility for damages to any item they believe cannot be moved safely.
  • Customer must sign moving company's proposal and/or moving services contract before the move begins.
  • Customer acknowledges that UMoveFree will hire an independent contractor to perform the moving services for customer and that no partnership, joint venture, agency or employment relationship between UMoveFree and the independent contractor exists.
  • Customer acknowledges that UMoveFree is not a moving company and is not required to carry insurance as proscribed by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and/or the Unites State Department of Transportation.
  • Customer assumes the entire risk related to using UMoveFree to facilitate a move. UMoveFree disclaims any and all warranties, whether express or implied, including (without limitation) any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will UMoveFree be liable to you or to any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages, lost profits, costs and expenses including reasonable attorneys' fees (collectively "Losses"), resulting in any manner, directly or indirectly, from a free move arranged by UMoveFree for customer.

The Best Free Move Offer Guaranteed

We encourage you to take the time and review our competitors' free move offers and compare UMoveFree to the competition. Customers that do their research will always use UMoveFree. We take pride in offering the most inclusive free move offer in the industry - guaranteed!


By registering with and/or using UMoveFree's service you agree to all terms, conditions, disclaimers, guidelines, and procedures of UMoveFree including but not limited to those outlined on the following pages: