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Are There Limits on Your Free Move Offer?

UMoveFree is not a moving company; we are a real estate company. We help renters find apartments and earn a referral commission from the property where you lease. We use a portion of that commission to provide you up to a $200 rebate. Alternatively, customers have the option of using that rebate amount towards the cost of a move. We've negotiated the best possible price based on the volume of moves our customers purchase. Our standard free move offer covers a full 2.5 hour move with no additional fees. Our customers are only asked to pay if the move exceeds the move time covered by UMoveFree. Any additional fees are paid directly to the moving company, not UMoveFree.

Most importantly, we guarantee our customers the most inclusive free move offer available!

Scheduling Your Move Tips

Request Your Move in Advance

Request your move as far in advance as possible; we fill spots on a first come, first serve basis. Your UMoveFree agent will provide you a move confirmation number after confirming your lease. You will need this confirmation number to begin your online move request.

Submitting Your Online Move Request

During the online move request process you'll be asked to update your phone numbers and email address. This is important so both our Move Coordinator and the moving company can contact you. Provide alternate phone numbers if possible. You'll also be asked for your pick up and drop off addresses and questions that describe your move.

Know Your Pick Up and Drop Off Locations

You will be asked a series of questions about your pick up and drop of locations. This information is critical to estimate move time. For example, you will be asked the following questions (and others):

Is your apartment low-rise/garden style, mid-rise or high-rise?

Will the movers use an elevator or stairs?

Will the movers use a loading dock and, if so, does your apartment require a reservation time?

We must have this information to schedule your move, so please check with your apartment community to see if any special circumstances apply.

Make Your Move Request Accurate and Complete

Providing accurate information is critical to ensure the moving company can provide you the best moving service possible. Make note of questions you are unsure how to answer. You will have an opportunity to correct your answers during your move scheduling call with one of our Move Coordinators.

Contact Our Move Department after Submitting Your Online Request

You will need to speak with one of our Move Coordinators after completing your online move request. Your move is not scheduled until this call. Your Move Coordinator will confirm availability with the moving company, schedule the date and time or your move, and confirm the accuracy or your online move request information. This call will also provide you the opportunity to ask questions about our moving process.

After submitting your online move request, call a Move Coordinator at (214) 614-5442.

Requested Vs. Scheduled

It's important to understand the difference between your requested date/time and your scheduled date/time. You will request your preferred date/time using our online move request system. Remember that your move is not officially scheduled until one of our Moving Coordinators contacts you to confirm your move details. If your requested date/time is not available our Move Coordinator will offer the next best alternative.

Be Realistic

When requesting your preferred move day and time, consider time for the loading, unloading and traveling between locations. Be overly realistic and allow for ample time to have your move completed. Avoid requesting a day or time when you have other obligations.

Weekend & End of Month Moves Fill Quickly

Remember that weekend and end of month requests are especially popular. If this applies to you, we suggest submitting your online move request as far in advance as possible. After submitting your request, call a Move Coordinator to finalize the process and confirm your scheduled date and time at (214) 614-5442.

Read Our Moving Terms in Advance

Please review our Move Terms and Disclaimer page in advance. If you have questions that prevent you from completing the online request process you can contact a Moving Coordinator using the information below. If your question does not prevent you from completing the move request then please continue your submission and you'll have ample opportunity to ask additional questions when your contact one of our Moving Coordinators. Your move request is not final until after this call.

Preparing for Your Move Tips

Sign Your Lease & Pick Up Keys Beforehand

It's important to sign your lease and pick up the keys to your new apartment before the movers arrive. This ensures you won't be charged for wait time.

Let Your Apartment(s) Know You're Moving

Always let your new and old apartments know you'll be using a professional moving company with a large truck in case they have special requirements. If special requirements apply, you must notify your Move Coordinator.

Consider Purchasing Additional Moving Insurance

See "Moving Insurance Tips" below.

Review Our Moving Terms Again

You may have scheduled your move weeks (even months) in advance. As you get closer to your move date some of the details may change. Please take the time to review our Move Terms one last time to ensure there are no surprises on the day of your move. If there are changes, or if you have questions, please contact our Move Department and speak with one of our Moving Coordinators prior to the day of your move.

Packing Tips

Move Delicate & Valuable Items Separately

We encourage you to separate any items that are especially delicate, valuable or personal and move those items yourself. This is important because it's likely that the mover's limits of liability would not cover the replacement of these items if they were lost or damaged during the move.

Pack in Advance

The movers will not pack or unpack your belongings; this is not a service they provide. You must have all items packed, taped and sealed before the movers arrive. Failure to pack in advance will result in additional time charges or you may be forced to move unpacked items on your own.

Pack Well

Take the time to pack your items well. Secure loose items in boxes with packing material such as bubble wrap, newspaper or tissue. Wrapping fragile items like glass tabletops or mirrors with blankets and/or towels allows you to save room. All boxes must be properly taped and sealed. The moving company can provide complimentary plastic wrap or blankets upon request.

Loose Items will not be Moved

All loose items must be properly packed in a sealed box. The movers will not move items packed in bags, trash bags, or luggage. All items must be removed from furniture and drawers as well.

Pack Clothes in Boxes

No professional moving company will move clothing that is on hangers or in bags. Please make sure that all clothing is removed from furniture and drawers and packed into sealed boxes or plastic totes.

Keep Boxes Under 75 Pounds

Always ensure your packed boxes are less than our 75 pound limit. Our movers bring hand dollies, but may need to lift boxes by hand on occasion. As such, we ask that your boxes be light enough that one person can carry it alone.

Label Your Boxes

We encourage you to label all boxes with the room where you want the item unloaded. Please also label all boxes that contain fragile and/or breakable items.

Count Your Boxes

Always count your boxes after packing. Our Move Coordinator will ask you for a box count when scheduling your move. If you don't know the exact count please provide an accurate estimate. This information is critical for the moving company to gauge the size of your inventory and estimate move time.

Bed Frames & Furniture Mirrors

We encourage you to disassemble your bed frames in advance. You should also remove any mirrors from furniture and/or dressers. The movers are able to disassemble and reassemble these items, but if you're able to complete this yourself, it will save you time.

Unplug Electronics

Remember to unplug all lamps, televisions and electrical items in advance. We also encourage you to secure the cords with tape.

Day of Move Tips

Arrival Time is a Window

Remember that your confirmed arrival time is a window in which your move will begin. Plan for the movers to arrive and start your move during this window. The movers should be considered "on time" if they arrive within this window. The completion time will depend on the specifics related to your move including drive time and inventory.

Movers Will Call in Advance

The movers will call you at least 30 minutes prior to arriving. This call is confirm you are ready for their arrival and to obtain access gate codes, driving directions or other requirements. Make sure you have your phone available so you don't miss this call. Your movers must reach you to confirm that you're available. If the movers cannot make contact they may assume you are not prepared to move and may not arrive as scheduled.

Have Your Move Confirmation

Always print your final move confirmation and have it handy on the day of your move. This document includes details about your move as well as important phone numbers should problems arise.

Moving Insurance Tips

Moving Company's Limits of Liability

All Texas moving companies are required to provide a minimum Carrier's Liability in the amount of $0.60 per pound, per article at no additional cost. It's important that you understand what is, and is not, covered by the mover's limits of liability. We recommend you review the following information published by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles regarding the moving company's liability; Minimum Mover's Liability in Texas.

Consider Additional Coverage

We encourage you to consider providing additional coverage for your items. If you have renters' insurance we suggest contacting your provider to see if your policy covers the move. This is typically the best option. Some moving companies also offer additional coverage for a minimal fee. If you are interested in purchasing additional coverage please contact our Moving Department.

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