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  • - Brushy Creek, Cedar Park

    • 1 Bedroom $1,358 - $1,478
    • 2 Bedrooms $1,718 - $1,918
    • 3 Bedrooms $2,043 - $2,188
    MAA Brushy Creek Apartments Cedar Park TX
  • - Brushy Creek, Cedar Park

    • 1 Bedroom $1,589 - $2,299
    • 2 Bedrooms $2,154 - $2,324
    • 3 Bedrooms $2,305
    Latitude at Presidio Apartments Cedar Park TX
  • - Brushy Creek, Round Rock

    • 1 Bedroom $1,583 - $1,943
    • 2 Bedrooms $1,987 - $2,077
    • 3 Bedrooms $2,380 - $2,628
    • 4 Bedrooms $2,694
    Landing Apartments Round Rock TX

Brushy Creek Austin TX Apartments

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Just 15 miles outside of Austin is where the moderately large Brushy Creek neighborhood is located. Brushy Creek has approximately 25,000 residents which makes it larger than many other neighborhoods or residential areas near Austin. Part of the reason Brushy Creek is so large is because it offers a great variety of shopping and entertainment while still being quite close to downtown Austin. Obviously the biggest draw to the Brushy Creek area however is the location. Austin is just a short drive down the highway which has made Brushy Creek incredibly popular with people wanting to live outside of the city while still being able to work downtown. In most cases it would only take 15 or 20 minutes to commute from Brushy Creek to Austin which puts Brushy Creek well within commuting distance for nearly everyone that wants to work in Austin.

As with most residential areas Brushy Creek has numerous public schools available for children. There are multiple schools for any age located in Brushy Creek which makes it easy for families to get children to school in the morning; there are also a few private schools available as well. Overall Brushy Creek offers a great selection of nearly everything; there are multiple schools as well as plenty of shopping and entertainment options. Brushy Creek also has numerous parks and outdoor areas that are great for some outdoor relaxation and fun.

Brushy Creek is simply a great location for anyone wanting to live close to Austin without living immediately within the city. Brushy Creek is just far enough away to avoid much of the congestion but at the same time getting to Austin for work or play takes almost no time at all. Brushy Creek offers plenty of shopping and dining as well so the community offers access to nearly all necessary amenities as well as plenty of schools for children. Overall Brushy Creek is just a great area in nearly all respects; if you want to get out of the city then Brushy Creek is definitely a location worth considering. If you are hoping to live closer to the city then Brushy Creek might not be the best option, and of course being that it is still close to the city Brushy Creek is still quite a busy area; so if you want to get away entirely there are better choices as well. Overall however Brushy Creek is a great choice for many people.

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