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  • - Manvel, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom $914 - $1,203
    • 2 Bedrooms $1,168 - $1,898
    • 3 Bedrooms $1,940 - $2,070
    Cobblestone Park I & II Apartments Manvel TX
  • - Manvel, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom $1,300 - $1,652
    • 2 Bedrooms $1,792 - $1,940
    • 3 Bedrooms $2,064 - $2,259
    Southfork Lake Apartments Manvel TX

Manvel, TX Apartments for Rent

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Manvel Texas is located just about 30 minutes outside of Houston and because of this it is quite a popular town. The actual size of Manvel is actually quite large as well which means the population density is fairly low and there are plenty of large homes or buildings available to live in; this is also great because it means that there is plenty of space for parks and other outdoor areas. Within the 23 square miles of Manvel there are about 7,000 residents which makes it a fairly good size suburb of nearby Houston. Recently the city has also been growing quite rapidly which is a good sign for anyone considering moving into the area; there are plenty of opportunities available and the market is ready for plenty more people to move into the area whenever they desire.

Manvel is home to plenty of businesses and companies as well so there are always job opportunities in the immediate area; though many people still choose to live in Manvel and work in Houston if possible. Houston is definitely within driving distance which means Manvel is becoming a fairly popular town for commuters to live in so they can avoid downtown. Unfortunately along with the increase in population and population density Manvel has also seen an increase in crime in the area though overall it is still slightly below the national average crime rate.

Manvel is otherwise a pretty standard suburban style residential area. There are not a ton of businesses and restaurants around although there are definitely plenty to get by on. There are however plenty of homes and residences available to purchase or rent in Manvel so it will never be difficult to find housing in the city. If you are looking for a place to live that is affordable and close to Houston without being too close to the city then Manvel is probably a good option for you. Manvel is primarily made up of younger families as well which somewhat confirms that there truly is a great opportunity here for young couples to save money on housing while still being close to the jobs they so strongly need. Take a look at Manvel today and see if the town fits your personality; if not there are surely plenty of other suburban towns just down the street for Manvel that might suit you needs a little bit better.

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