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  • - Dripping Springs, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom $1,400 - $1,530
    • 2 Bedrooms $1,675 - $1,701
    • 3 Bedrooms $1,997
    Ridge at Headwaters Apartments Dripping Springs TX
  • - Dripping Springs, Texas

    • Studio $510 - $897 *
    • 1 Bedroom $544 - $1,658 *
    • 2 Bedrooms $648 - $2,066 *
    • * Income Restrictions Apply
    Merritt Hill Country Apartments Dripping Springs TX
  • - Dripping Springs, Texas

    • 2 Bedrooms $650 - $1,517 *
    • 3 Bedrooms $748 - $1,727 *
    • * Income Restrictions Apply
    Western Springs Apartments Dripping Springs TX

Dripping Springs, TX Apartments for Rent

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The city of Dripping Springs Texas is centered around the schools and community so it comes as no surprise that Dripping Springs is quite popular with families wanting to move to the area. Combine that with the fact that Dripping Springs is only about 20 miles west of downtown Austin and it becomes quite clear why people would want to move to the area. Very few communities offer the small rural city feel that Dripping Springs has while still being well within driving distance of the big city; this means it is incredibly easy to live in Dripping Springs but still work in or around downtown Austin.

As you would expect Dripping Springs also has plenty of history; the town was originally settled in 1853 by a group of families wanting to move westward. Just a few short years after the original family settlers moved to Dripping Springs more and more people began to move to the area until it eventually started to look like an actual town. The town was officially named after a fresh water spring that dripped constantly and once the stagecoach line made it to Dripping Springs it began to grow even more rapidly. In the early days Dripping Springs was considered a frontier outpost but obviously as civilization moved forward more and more people began to move to the area as well as nearby Austin so it became less rural and secluded.

Still today Dripping Springs is home to the fresh water aquifer that the town was originally named after; Dripping Springs is also still considered to be the gateway to the hills of Texas since it is one of the closest towns to the hill areas of Texas. In the past few years Dripping Springs has even expanded and added a large park and community center which boasts plenty of entertainment and education programs for residents. Overall Dripping Springs is quite a popular area and it is a great place to live for anyone looking to commute to Austin but still live in a fairly rural town. The combination of nearby towns and cities really makes Dripping Springs a good choice because there will always be plenty of shopping and entertainment within a fairly short drive. Plus there are dozens of properties available in Dripping Springs all the time so moving into this small quaint city is not difficult at all as long as you act quick.

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