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  • - Dayton, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom $975
    • 2 Bedrooms $1,215
    • 3 Bedrooms $1,375
    Madison Court Apartments Dayton TX
  • - Dayton, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom $825 - $948
    • 2 Bedrooms $470 - $932 *
    • 3 Bedrooms $529 - $1,066 *
    • 4 Bedrooms $1,164 *
    • * Income Restrictions Apply
    Dayton Park Apartments Dayton TX
  • - Dayton, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom $855
    • 2 Bedrooms $1,024 - $1,104
    Brookhollow Apartments Dayton TX

Dayton, TX Apartments for Rent

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Dayton Texas is a relatively small city considering that it is only about 11 square miles but the population is still approximately 6,000 people. This means that Dayton is a fairly dense residential city and as such there are plenty of homes and living areas available within the city limits. Dayton is also home to many younger families thanks to the lower prices in the area although there are plenty of other benefits to the area as well.

Like so many other Texas cities Dayton has a rich history that has stuck with the city throughout the years. Dayton started out as a part of nearby Liberty in the early 1800s but it was obviously renamed eventually once it became a completely separate town. Just as with many other small historic towns the expansion of the railroad into the west really is what made it possible for Dayton to grow and expand during the mid to late 1800s as well. It was around the time that the railroad began to move into the area that the town name of Dayton was officially adopted as well. Dayton has been in basically the same place ever since the town started as well and thanks to the addition of highways and other transportation systems Dayton is even easier to get to today than it ever was before. Numerous highways and railroads run through the area which makes it surprisingly easy to get to neighboring cities and towns; this also helps provide jobs and employment for many residents of Dayton too, either in nearby cities on with the railroad.

As for location, Dayton is about 40 miles to the northwest of downtown Houston which makes it slightly less appealing to many people. Being able to quickly get into downtown Houston is great for commuters but the somewhat lengthy drive from Dayton might be too far for some people, depending on where they work. Overall however Dayton is a nice town that is just far enough out of Houston to give it a slightly slower pace lifestyle. Depending on what you are looking for in your new town Dayton might be a great choice because there are plenty of shops, restaurants, and homes in the area to choose from. If you are looking for something close to the city then Dayton probably isn't the best option so consider some other cities as well before making a decision.

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