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  • - Crosby, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom $935
    • 2 Bedrooms $1,150
    Spring Hill Village Apartments Crosby TX
  • - Crosby, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom $394 - $893 *
    • 2 Bedrooms $483 - $1,082 *
    • 3 Bedrooms $563 - $1,254 *
    • * Income Restrictions Apply
    Newport Village Apartments Crosby TX
  • - Crosby, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom $655 - $672 *
    • 2 Bedrooms $700 - $717 *
    • 3 Bedrooms $730 - $747 *
    • * Income Restrictions Apply
    Courtyards at Crosby Apartments Crosby TX

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Crosby Texas was not always known as Crosby; the town was originally named Lick Skillet according to many historians although the exact details are not known. Lick Skillet was formed when some of the very first colonists moved to Texas but it was not until the railroad reached the area that it became much bigger. As the railroad reached into the area Lick Skillet was eventually renamed to Crosby Texas as well in honor of a railroad construction engineer that helped bring the railroad to the area. During the mid 1800s Crosby began to expand as stores and depots began to open within the area and with the increased business the town saw an increase in residents and nearby citizens as well. The rest is truly history as Crosby eventually grew to the current population size of around 2000 people.

Currently Crosby is still quite popular with newcomers to the area for a variety of reasons. Given the rural nature of Crosby much of the surrounding land is unincorporated but still considered residential which means there are plenty of homes available that avoid the hassle of living directly within city limits of any kind. Crosby is also only a short drive away from downtown Houston which makes it popular with people who plan to work in or near downtown Houston; and of course Houston always offers plenty of entertainment, dining, and shopping experiences to keep everyone happy. Crosby itself might not have all the perfect amenities and shops people desire but there are plenty within a short drive thanks to the wide variety of nearby cities and towns.

Currently there are dozens of residences in the Crosby area that are available as well so moving into Crosby is not difficult. Plus the average rent is not that high and the average home price is quite reasonable as well so nearly everyone can afford to move into the area. Take a look at the city today and see what you think; odds are it will suit your needs quite well as long as you are ok with living 20 miles away from any major city. Of course the nearby towns that border Crosby are always available for shopping and short trips as well so it is not like Crosby is completely out in the middle of nowhere. Crosby has plenty of history and tradition like many Texas towns so it is definitely worth considering for your new home.

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