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  •  - Crowley, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom $663 - $806 *
    • 2 Bedrooms $794 - $965 *
    • 3 Bedrooms $919 - $1,116 *
    • * Income Restrictions Apply
    Worthington Point Apartments Crowley TX
  •  - Crowley, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom $496 - $694 *
    • 2 Bedrooms $592 - $811 *
    • * Income Restrictions Apply
    St Charles Place Apartments Crowley TX
  •  - Crowley, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom $900
    • 2 Bedrooms $1,115
    • 3 Bedrooms $1,275
    Hampton Hollow Townhomes Crowley TX

Crowley, TX Apartments for Rent

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  • Bristol Square Apartments Crowley TX
    601 Trail Lake Drive Crowley, TX 76036
    Colony IV Inc.
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    $417 - $594 | 1 - 2 Bedrooms | 1 - 1 Baths
    Sample Floor Plans
    691 Sq Ft 2/1 for $550
    556 Sq Ft 1/1 for $453
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    * Income Restrictions Apply
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Crowley Apartment Statistics

  1 Bedroom 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms
# Communities Offering: 4 4 2
Square Footage
Low: 556 691 1,113
High: 722 1,070 1,181
Avg: 673 890 1,149
Market Rent
Low: $440 $530 $1,295
High: $925 $1,175 $1,295
Avg: $700 $962 $1,295
Effective Rent
Low: $440 $530 $1,295
High: $925 $1,175 $1,295
Avg: $700 $962 $1,295
Effective Rent per Sq.Ft.
Low: $0.79 $0.77 $1.16
High: $1.28 $1.10 $1.10
Avg: $1.04 $1.08 $1.13
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Crowley Information

The city of Crowley Texas is a suburb of Fort Worth and as such it has plenty of housing and residences available that will meet basically anyone's needs. Fort Worth is only about 15 miles north of Crowley as well so it is actually a fairly close by suburb when compared with many other cities or towns in the area. This alone makes Crowley a much more attractive area than many other places.

Currently Crowley has an estimated population of around 12,000 which is quite large for the small size of Crowley. The total land area of Crowley is about 7 square miles which is obviously quite small; the large population combined with small land area means that many houses or apartments are quite small and you are unlikely to find a large plot of land anywhere within the city. Fortunately the large population also means that there are plenty of customers for local businesses to prosper and as such there are plenty of nearby restaurants and shops to visit. If you are in need of more shops or entertainment then the suburbs nearby and even Fort Worth itself offer plenty of variety within a very short driving distance as well.

As far as History goes Crowley is a pretty standard Texas town; the city was originally founded in the mid 1800s but once the railroad came to town it began to grow much more rapidly. In the late 1880s a depot was built where Crowley currently sits and as more people moved to the area the city itself was eventually founded and incorporated. Until 1971 Crowley was still officially classified as a town but thanks to a council vote the official designation then became city rather than town.

Overall Crowley is a nice place to live if you are looking for a city that is close to Fort Worth. Crowley is just a short drive down the highway from Fort Worth and there are plenty more cities nearby that offer a variety of shops and entertainment as well. Definitely take look at Crowley when looking for a place to live near Fort Worth but keep in mind the high population density could lead to a fairly cramped city; if you want a lot of land or more wide open space then definitely consider somewhere else because Crowley is definitely not a big wide open city. Other than that Crowley is a pretty nice place overall.

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