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Water Marq Apartments Austin TX
Water Marq at Listing #261176Pool at Listing #261176Pool at Listing #261176Pool at Listing #261176Pool at Listing #261176Lounge at Listing #261176Lounge at Listing #261176Dog Park at Listing #261176Salon at Listing #261176Clubhouse at Listing #261176

Floor Plans & Pricing

Floor PlanDescriptionNameSq.Ft.RentCategoryIsIncomeRestrictedFloorplanApartmentSizeId
453 sq. ft. E2 floor planStudio/1E2453$1,6804
581 sq. ft. E1-HC floor planStudio/1E1-HC581$1,6964
658 sq. ft. A8D floor plan1/1A8D658$1,7764
692 sq. ft. A8E floor plan1/1A8E692$1,8254
706 sq. ft. A8E-A floor plan1/1A8E-A706$1,8404
703 sq. ft. A1K floor plan1/1A1K703$1,8604
708 sq. ft. A8K floor plan1/1A8K708$1,8654
703 sq. ft. A1J floor plan1/1A1J703$1,8754
702 sq. ft. A8L floor plan1/1A8L702$1,8804
716 sq. ft. A1F floor plan1/1A1F716$1,8854
726 sq. ft. A1 floor plan1/1A1726$1,8854
721 sq. ft. A1C floor plan1/1A1C721$1,8954
707 sq. ft. A1B floor plan1/1A1B707$1,9054
728 sq. ft. A1D floor plan1/1A1D728$1,9104
728 sq. ft. A3 floor plan1/1A3728$1,9104
726 sq. ft. A48 floor plan1/1A48726$1,9214
721 sq. ft. A8K-A floor plan1/1A8K-A721$1,9254
678 sq. ft. A1H floor plan1/1A1H678$1,9304
715 sq. ft. A8L-A floor plan1/1A8L-A715$1,9404
728 sq. ft. A1E floor plan1/1A1E728$1,9514
742 sq. ft. A9 floor plan1/1A9742$1,9704
736 sq. ft. A1L floor plan1/1A1L736$1,9714
642 sq. ft. A8B floor plan1/1A8B642$1,9854
732 sq. ft. A3-A floor plan1/1A3-A732$1,9914
753 sq. ft. A8J floor plan1/1A8J753$2,0014
750 sq. ft. A8F-A floor plan1/1A8F-A750$2,0264
730 sq. ft. A8N floor plan1/1A8N730$2,0264
767 sq. ft. A8G floor plan1/1A8G767$2,0364
736 sq. ft. A8F floor plan1/1A8F736$2,0404
744 sq. ft. A8C floor plan1/1A8C744$2,0654
764 sq. ft. A8J-A floor plan1/1A8J-A764$2,0664
692 sq. ft. A1M floor plan1/1A1M692$2,0804
788 sq. ft. A8H floor plan1/1A8H788$2,0864
798 sq. ft. A1B-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA1B-L1798$2,0904
794 sq. ft. A7 floor plan1/1A7794$2,0954
726 sq. ft. A1-HC floor plan1/1A1-HC726$2,0954
731 sq. ft. A1N floor plan1/1A1N731$2,0954
780 sq. ft. A8G-A floor plan1/1A8G-A780$2,1014
757 sq. ft. A1G floor plan1/1A1G757$2,1554
787 sq. ft. A8A floor plan1/1A8A787$2,1664
800 sq. ft. A8H-A floor plan1/1A8H-A800$2,1714
829 sq. ft. A1D-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA1D-L1829$2,1804
857 sq. ft. A5 floor plan1/1A5857$2,2604
744 sq. ft. A8D-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA8D-L1744$2,2864
876 sq. ft. A6 floor plan1/1A6876$2,3254
797 sq. ft. A1J-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA1J-L1797$2,3564
767 sq. ft. A1H-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA1H-L1767$2,3564
825 sq. ft. A1-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA1-L1825$2,3704
814 sq. ft. A1F-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA1F-L1814$2,3764
785 sq. ft. A8E-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA8E-L1785$2,3964
821 sq. ft. A1C-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA1C-L1821$2,4014
788 sq. ft. A8L-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA8L-L1788$2,4114
800 sq. ft. A8K-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA8K-L1800$2,4264
838 sq. ft. A1L-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA1L-L1838$2,4364
848 sq. ft. A8C-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA8C-L1848$2,5264
795 sq. ft. A1K-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA1K-L1795$2,5514
972 sq. ft. A5-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA5-L1972$2,5604
875 sq. ft. A8G-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA8G-L1875$2,5654
903 sq. ft. A7-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA7-L1903$2,5914
825 sq. ft. A2 floor plan1/1A2825$2,6014
824 sq. ft. A1D-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA1D-L1824$2,6014
856 sq. ft. A8J-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA8J-L1856$2,6314
898 sq. ft. A14 floor plan1/1A14898$2,6354
894 sq. ft. A8H-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA8H-L1894$2,6714
877 sq. ft. A8N-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA8N-L1877$2,8064
883 sq. ft. A1N-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA1N-L1883$2,8164
1,059 sq. ft. A6-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA6-L11,059$2,8804
977 sq. ft. A10 floor plan1/1A10977$2,9054
949 sq. ft. A2-L1 floor plan1/1A2-L1949$3,0064
1,070 sq. ft. A11 floor plan1/1A111,070$3,1104
1,032 sq. ft. A4 floor plan1/1A41,032$3,1454
1,126 sq. ft. A10-L1 floor plan1/1 LoftA10-L11,126$3,1514
1,158 sq. ft. A12 floor plan1/1A121,158$3,2164
1,158 sq. ft. A12 floor plan1/1A121,158$3,2554
1,195 sq. ft. A4-L1 floor plan1/1A4-L11,195$3,7954
962 sq. ft. B7 floor plan2/2B7962$2,4716
967 sq. ft. B11 floor plan2/2B11967$2,4916
995 sq. ft. B7A floor plan2/2B7A995$2,5216
1,011 sq. ft. B6 floor plan2/2B61,011$2,5256
995 sq. ft. B7B floor plan2/2B7B995$2,5416
1,012 sq. ft. B6A floor plan2/2B6A1,012$2,5866
1,036 sq. ft. B11-A floor plan2/2B11-A1,036$2,7266
1,079 sq. ft. B10A floor plan2/2B10A1,079$2,8216
1,127 sq. ft. B4-HC floor plan2/2B4-HC1,127$2,8506
1,148 sq. ft. B10 floor plan2/2B101,148$2,8616
1,139 sq. ft. B4 floor plan2/2B41,139$2,9016
1,136 sq. ft. B7A-L1 floor plan2/2 LoftB7A-L11,136$2,9656
1,153 sq. ft. B6-L1 floor plan2/2 LoftB6-L11,153$3,1016
1,278 sq. ft. B5 floor plan2/2B51,278$3,2456
1,278 sq. ft. B5A floor plan2/2B5A1,278$3,3516
1,281 sq. ft. B4-L1 floor plan2/2 LoftB4-L11,281$3,4266
1,370 sq. ft. B3A floor plan2/2B3A1,370$3,7166
1,442 sq. ft. TSA floor plan2/2 TownhomeTSA1,442$3,7356
1,440 sq. ft. B5-L1 floor plan2/2 LoftB5-L11,440$3,7456
1,509 sq. ft. B1 floor plan2/2B11,509$3,8506
1,477 sq. ft. B12 floor plan2/2B121,477$3,8566
1,533 sq. ft. TSC floor plan2/2 TownhomeTSC1,533$3,9416
1,638 sq. ft. TSF floor plan2/2 TownhomeTSF1,638$4,1656
1,659 sq. ft. TSM floor plan2/1 TownhomeTSM1,659$4,2205
1,576 sq. ft. B9 floor plan2/2B91,576$4,2706
1,572 sq. ft. TSD floor plan2/2 TownhomeTSD1,572$4,3066
1,629 sq. ft. B3 floor plan2/2B31,629$4,3106
1,691 sq. ft. TSH floor plan2/2TSH1,691$4,3106
2,058 sq. ft. TSJ floor plan2/2 TownhomeTSJ2,058$4,4196
2,067 sq. ft. TSP floor plan2/3 TownhomeTSP2,067$4,4236
1,732 sq. ft. TSK floor plan2/1 TownhomeTSK1,732$4,4255
2,113 sq. ft. TSN floor plan2/3 TownhomeTSN2,113$4,5166
1,661 sq. ft. B9A floor plan2/2B9A1,661$4,5216
1,915 sq. ft. B2 floor plan2/2B21,915$4,5606
1,670 sq. ft. B1-L1 floor plan2/2 LoftB1-L11,670$4,7366
2,237 sq. ft. TSL floor plan2/3TSL2,237$4,7816
1,917 sq. ft. TSB floor plan2/3 TownhomeTSB1,917$4,9966
1,835 sq. ft. B9A-L1 floor plan2/2 LoftB9A-L11,835$5,0566
2,122 sq. ft. TSE floor plan2/3 TownhomeTSE2,122$5,2556
2,178 sq. ft. TSG floor plan2/3 TownhomeTSG2,178$5,3856
1,852 sq. ft. B2A floor plan2/2B2A1,852$5,9356
2,124 sq. ft. B2-L1 floor plan2/2 LoftB2-L12,124$7,4906
1,314 sq. ft. C1/C1-HC floor plan3/2C1/C1-HC1,314$3,2457
2,030 sq. ft. TSR floor plan3/3TSR2,030$4,2518
2,637 sq. ft. TSQ floor plan3/3TSQ2,637$5,5828



Amenities & Features

  • Clubhouse
  • 24 Hour Fitness Room(s)
  • Courtesy Patrol
  • 1 Pool(s)
  • Barbecues
  • Dishwashers
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Pantry
  • Walk In Closets
  • Jogging Trails
  • Garden Tubs
  • Patio/Balcony
  • Wall to Wall Carpeting
  • Business Center
  • Crown Moulding
  • Mini Blinds
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Pet Policies

  • Cats and Dogs
  • 2 Pets Max
  • Breed Restrictions Apply
  • $700 Pet Deposit
  • $350 Non Refund. Pet Fee
  • $15/mo Pet Rent
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Other Information

  • Barton Springs - South Congress - 1st South
  • 6 Stories
  • $75 App Fee
  • Travis County
  • 264 Units
  • Hours: MWF 9-6, TTh 9-7, SA 10-6, SU 12-5
  • Lease Terms: 12-14
  • Near Transit
  • Occupancy 92%
  • Management: CWS Apartment Homes
  • Year Built: 2016
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Parking Information

Parking Garage

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