Disclaimer and Terms of Service

UMoveFree Apartment Locators is a full-service apartment locating firm owned and operated by Texas licensed real estate agents. UMoveFree is not a moving company. Our clients are provided free apartment finding assistance from one of our licensed apartment locators. UMoveFree receives a referral fee if our customer leases at a participating apartment community. Unlike other apartment locators, UMoveFree uses a portion of this referral fee to provide a rebate or move to our customer. The following Disclaimer and Terms of Service apply.

Qualification Guidelines

  • Your rental rate must be $900 or above to be eligible for our free inventory based move, free time based move, or $200 rebate offer(s).
  • Rental rates below $900 are eligible for a $100 rebate or $100 move credit.
  • Your rental rate will be based on the effective average rent after specials.
  • In the event a participating community's referral fee falls below our minimum requirements, UMoveFree reserves the right to offer a reduced rebate or a reduced free move offer. Referral fees for individual properties can change without notice.
  • You must not have learned of the community before registering with UMoveFree.
  • You must lease at a community found on our website, via our online apartment-locating search tool, or at a community referred to you by one of our licensed agents.
  • You must notify your agent prior to visiting communities, so that in the event a community requires client pre-registration, our agent is capable of fulfilling this requirement.
  • You must list "UMoveFree" and your agent's name on the community's Guest Card and Rental Application. UMoveFree must be properly listed as your apartment locating service and/or referral source in order to be eligible for either the free move or rebate offer(s).
  • You must not be moving from a sister property.
  • You must have never before lived in the community where you lease.
  • You must not be transferring (on-site transfer) from within the same property.
  • You must sign at least a 6-month lease to be eligible for the free move or rebate offers. Leases shorter than six months may still be eligible for a reduced rebate or reduced moving credit offer at UMoveFree's discretion.
  • All free move and/or rebate offers are contingent on referral fees paid to UMoveFree by participating communities. Your apartment community must consent to you using UMoveFree as your apartment locator to qualify.
  • All Rebate requests must be submitted via our Online Rebate Request process within 60 days of your lease start date.
  • All Move requests must be submitted via our Online Move Request process within 60 days of your lease start date.
  • UMoveFree only allows one (1) move or rebate offer per apartment.

Third Party Data

UMoveFree proudly offers the most comprehensive and updated apartment data available online. The apartment data that UMoveFree provides its customers is supplied and updated by a third party data provider. This includes all rental information, specials, availability, and all other community data that is made available to customers through our website and/or agent assistance. Although UMoveFree makes reasonable efforts to ensure this data is updated regularly, we cannot and do not claim to guarantee the accuracy of this data.

Non-Payment by Property

If for any reason a property decides not to pay UMoveFree's referral commission, this will constitute a retraction of our free move/rebate offer. If a property decides not to pay our referral commission for any reason (i.e. - if you break your lease, do not pay your rent, are evicted, etc.), then UMoveFree reserves the right to charge you for the cost of the move at the following rate: Flat Rate Move Cost = $300

Equal Housing Opportunity

UMoveFree complies with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations including the federal Fair Housing Act. UMoveFree supports Equal Housing Opportunity and we encourage users of our site to follow appropriate guidelines to comply with both the Federal Housing Act, as well as any applicable state and local regulations. All renters are hereby informed that all property rental offers are available on an equal opportunity basis.


By registering with UMoveFree.com and/or using UMoveFree's service you agree to all terms, conditions, disclaimers, guidelines, and procedures of UMoveFree including but not limited to those outlined on the following pages:

UMoveFree reserves the right to change terms, conditions, disclaimers, guidelines, and procedures, without notice.

Thank You For Using UMoveFree Apartment Locators.