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How-to List Us

Getting your Free Move or Rebate is as simple as 1..2..3! Follow the three easy steps below to ensure your apartment locating experience is a smooth one. Simply hover over the three icons below for a brief explanation of what you need to do.


Remember These 3 Steps

It's very important that the properties you visit understand you are working with UMoveFree. This is how we get paid, and are able to give you a free move or rebate. Please keep these three simple steps in mind while you're trying to find your new home.

  1. Contact Us Prior to Visiting Properties

    Some apartments require us to pre-register you before calling or visiting their community. It only takes a moment to contact us and make sure you're registered before visiting.

  2. List UMoveFree on the Guest Card

    When you visit, most apartments complete a Guest Card with your basic contact information. It's important to list "UMoveFree" as your referral source on this guest card.

  3. List UMoveFree on the Rental Application

    After you've found the perfect place, you'll be asked to complete a Rental Application. It's very important to list "UMoveFree" as your referral source on this document as well. This section is usually labeled "Why You Rented Here".

Just remember to keep your agent and the apartments informed and getting you're free move or rebate will be a breeze!