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  • - Hitchcock, Texas

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  • - Hitchcock, Texas

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    Bent Oaks Apartments Hitchcock TX

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Hitchcock Texas originally was founded simply as a railroad station between Galveston and Houston but today it is much more than just a railroad stop. Around 7,500 people live in this 60 square mile city which makes it a fairly spread out city compared to most in the area. Hitchcock is obviously still in the same place between Houston and Galveston though which makes it fairly popular with many people that are looking for homes in the area.

Throughout history Hitchcock has gone through many transformations as the economy and city went through ups and downs. Hitchcock was once a major shipping center for vegetables in the area but after a series of downturns that business somewhat died out in the area. Hitchcock also grew rapidly after World War II when many soldiers were released from nearby bases and training centers and decided to settle in the area. Today however Hitchcock is primarily just a suburban town outside of Galveston which is probably the biggest reason many people move to the area. Galveston is just a short drive down the highway which makes it easily accessible for anyone wanting to live in Hitchcock but work in downtown Galveston.

As you would expect Hitchcock has plenty of high quality public schools available which has helped draw many families to the suburb. The fact that Hitchcock is also quite close to the shore of the Gulf of Mexico also helps draw many people to the area though Hitchcock is obviously not the only city meeting that criteria. As for shopping and entertainment there is plenty available; retail shopping and malls are widespread through Hitchcock and other nearby towns which means there shouldn't be a problem finding the goods you need without driving too far. Of course bigger cities like Galveston are always nearby if needed and Houston is also within driving distance for weekend trips or similar outings.

Overall Hitchcock is a nice suburban town that is well within driving distance of Galveston. If you are wanting to live near the Gulf of Mexico without being right next to the water then Hitchcock might be a good option; nearby Galveston will always offer plenty of jobs as well so there should be no problem there. Hitchcock is still an area in development as well so there are plenty of homes and apartment buildings being built right now that will be available sometime in the near future.

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