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  •  - Buda, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom$356 - $794
    • 2 Bedrooms$773 - $1,051
    • 3 Bedrooms$483 - $1,090
    Tuscany Park at Buda Apartments Buda, TX
  •  - Buda, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom$925 - $1,030
    • 2 Bedrooms$1,190 - $1,240
    • 3 Bedrooms$1,540 - $1,745
    Carrington Oaks Apartments Buda, TX
  •  - Buda, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom$915 - $1,040
    • 2 Bedrooms$1,130 - $1,255
    • 3 Bedrooms$1,515 - $1,540
    Silverado Crossing Apartments Buda, TX
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Buda, TX Apartments for Rent

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  • Creekside Villas Senior Village Apartments Buda, TX
    590 FM 967Buda, TX 78610
    Veritee Property Solutions
    • Amenities & Features
    • Pet Policies
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    • Schools
    • Map
    $361 - $953 | 1 -2 Bedrooms | 1 - 2 Baths
    Sample Floor Plans
    991 Sq Ft 2/2 for $427
    991 Sq Ft 2/2 for $778
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  • Huntington Apartments Buda, TX
    1255 Fire Cracker DriveBuda, TX 78610
    Capstone Real Estate Services
    • Amenities & Features
    • Pet Policies
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    $369 - $1,438 | 1 -2 Bedrooms | 1 - 2 Baths
    Sample Floor Plans
    1,027 Sq Ft 2/2 for $1,438
    835 Sq Ft 2/1 for $966
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  • Trails at Buda Ranch Apartments Buda, TX
    1250 Robert S Light BlvdBuda, TX 78610
    Steadfast Companies
    • Amenities & Features
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    • Schools
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    $857 - $1,476 | 1 -3 Bedrooms | 1 - 2 Baths
    Sample Floor Plans
    1,150 Sq Ft 3/2 with Wood Floors for $1,476
    735 Sq Ft 1/1 with Wood Floors for $857
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Buda Information

The outdoor capital of the world, Buda Texas, is located just 15 miles southwest of Austin and despite being close to the big city Buda still retains plenty of small town charm and history. Buda is a town that takes pride in being true to its roots and history but at the same time the city is constantly planning new upgrades and developments to keep things moving within the city limits. Buda is truly a unique town because of the drive and desire to keep planning for the future while still remembering where and how the town started out.

Perhaps the one thing that makes Buda such a unique place is the laidback lifestyle offered by this quaint little town. The entire town of Buda takes pride in being laid back and slightly slower pace than the big city and many people are drawn to the city for this reason alone. If this is something you would like to see in your new hometown then definitely consider Buda; keep in mind though that even though the town is laid back and slow pace it is still close enough to Austin and San Antonio to offer plenty of attractions and nearby shopping or entertainment. Overall Buda offers a great mix of small town living with nearby cities to provide all the necessary businesses and shops as well as plenty of jobs.

The history behind Buda is surprisingly similar to many other cities in the area; the town was originally founded when a railroad depot was built in the area. Settlers began to move into the area surrounding the railroad and the depot and a small city eventually began to develop. Through the years Buda has remained in the same place it was originally founded and although the name has changed Buda still claims to be a historic town that will never forget the past. The history and interesting events in Buda's past make it an interesting and unique place to live and of course the nearby cities of Austin and San Antonio are always a big draw to the area as well. No matter what you're looking for Buda likely offers it or has a nearby city that does and in the end Buda is just one of the few towns that offers the convenience of a big city nearby while still having the laid back slow pace lifestyle you would normally find in small rural towns across the country.