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  •  - Kemah, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom$985 - $1,060
    • 2 Bedrooms$1,160 - $1,320
    • 3 Bedrooms$1,600
    Summerbrooke Apartments Kemah, TX
  •  - Kemah, Texas

    • 1 Bedroom$919 - $1,169
    • 2 Bedrooms$1,229
    • 3 Bedrooms$2,089 - $2,369
    Park at Waterford Harbor Apartments Kemah, TX
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Kemah Information

Originally named Evergreen when the city was founded in 1898 Kemah started life as a small fishing village built along the Texas New Orleans Railroad. The city had to be renamed because there was already another city with the same name in Texas. So the residents selected the Karankawa Indian word for 'wind in my face' to be the new name of the city and Kemah was born.

Only 25 minutes south of Houston Kemah sits on Galveston Bay with constant gentle breezes coming in off the bay. The city is a local tourism destination with shopping, restaurants, night life, water sports and is home to the third largest fleet of recreational boats in the United States. While the city is a booming tourist destination it has stuck to its small town roots well and maintains a small population, only 2,300 at the 2000 census.