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Floor Plans & Pricing

Floor PlanDescriptionNameSq.Ft.RentAvg. Rent
495 sq. ft. A0.1 floor planStudio/1 with Wood FloorsA0.1495$970 
 Studio/1 with Wood FloorsA0.2495$970 
657 sq. ft. A2.5 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA2.5657$1,003-$1,018$1,010
657 sq. ft. A2-IS.9 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA2-IS.9657$1,003-$1,013$1,008
657 sq. ft. A2.6 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA2.6657$1,005-$1,013$1,009
657 sq. ft. A2.3 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA2.3657$1,005-$1,015$1,010
657 sq. ft. A2.4 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA2.4657$1,006-$1,018$1,012
657 sq. ft. A2-S.5 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA2-S.5657$1,008-$1,021$1,014
657 sq. ft. A2-I.10 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA2-I.10657$1,011-$1,030$1,020
665 sq. ft. A2-I.7 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA2-I.7665$1,013-$1,023$1,018
665 sq. ft. A2 I-8 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA2 I-8665$1,013-$1,023$1,018
561 sq. ft. A1-S.6 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1-S.6561$1,038 
763 sq. ft. A3.6 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA3.6763$1,069 
561 sq. ft. A1.5 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1.5561$1,084-$1,100$1,092
728 sq. ft. A3-S.3 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA3-S.3728$1,095 
774 sq. ft. A4-S.1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA4-S.1774$1,104 
728 sq. ft. A3.2 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA3.2728$1,179-$1,192$1,185
728 sq. ft. A3.3 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA3.3728$1,179-$1,192$1,185
657 sq. ft. A2.2 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA2.2657$1,188-$1,201$1,194
665 sq. ft. A2-I.3 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA2-I.3665$1,198-$1,211$1,204
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA9733$1,199 
728 sq. ft. A3-S.2 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA3-S.2728$1,203-$1,222$1,212
761 sq. ft. A7 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA7761$1,204-$1,395$1,299
561 sq. ft. A1.1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1.1561$1,206-$1,239$1,222
763 sq. ft. A3.5 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA3.5763$1,206-$1,398$1,302
728 sq. ft. A3-S.4 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA3-S.4728$1,210 
665 sq. ft. A2-I.1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA2-I.1665$1,234-$1,301$1,267
665 sq. ft. A2-I.2 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA2-I.2665$1,234-$1,469$1,351
665 sq. ft. A2-S.1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA2-S.1665$1,234-$1,301$1,267
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA5-S.2830$1,249-$1,259$1,254
773 sq. ft. A4-S.1FSC floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA4-S.1FSC773$1,250 
837 sq. ft. A5-S.1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA5-S.1837$1,254-$1,290$1,272
832 sq. ft. A5.2 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA5.2832$1,256-$1,264$1,260
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA9 ANSI808$1,257-$1,280$1,268
846 sq. ft. A5.3 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA5.3846$1,257-$1,305$1,281
841 sq. ft. A10.1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA10.1841$1,259-$1,272$1,265
846 sq. ft. A5.5 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA5.5846$1,259-$1,269$1,264
846 sq. ft. A5.6 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA5.6846$1,259-$1,269$1,264
 1/1 with Wood FloorsA10.2841$1,266 
773 sq. ft. A9.1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA9.1773$1,293 
882 sq. ft. A6 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA6882$1,304-$1,511$1,407
764 sq. ft. A3.1 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA3.1764$1,318 
801 sq. ft. A9.3 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA9.3801$1,329 
728 sq. ft. A3.4 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA3.4728$1,360-$1,373$1,366
770 sq. ft. A4-ANSI floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA4-ANSI770$1,379-$1,643$1,511
828 sq. ft. A5.4 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA5.4828$1,380 
873 sq. ft. A8 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA8873$1,414-$1,479$1,446
882 sq. ft. A6 FSC floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA6 FSC882$1,491-$1,511$1,501
561 sq. ft. A1.2 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1.2561$903-$913$908
561 sq. ft. A1.3 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1.3561$903-$965$934
561 sq. ft. A1.6 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1.6561$903-$965$934
561 sq. ft. A1.7 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1.7561$903-$965$934
561 sq. ft. A1.8 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1.8561$903-$965$934
561 sq. ft. A1.9 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1.9561$903-$915$909
561 sq. ft. A1-S.2 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1-S.2561$906-$919$912
561 sq. ft. A1.4 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA1.4561$928-$943$935
657 sq. ft. A2.10 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA2.10657$969 
770 sq. ft. A4.2 floor plan1/1 with Wood FloorsA4.2770$1,560-$1,856$1,708
956 sq. ft. TH A1.1 floor plan1/2 Townhome with Attached Garage and Wood FloorsTH A1.1956$1,598-$1,677$1,637
956 sq. ft. TH A1.2 floor plan1/2 Townhome with Attached Garage and Wood FloorsTH A1.2956$1,653-$1,677$1,665
1,080 sq. ft. B1-I.10 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-I.101,080$1,662-$2,036$1,849
1,167 sq. ft. B2.2 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB2.21,167$1,674 
1,287 sq. ft. B4.2 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB4.21,287$1,710-$1,720$1,715
1,117 sq. ft. B1-I.9 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-I.91,117$1,714 
1,093 sq. ft. B1-S.1 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-S.11,093$1,740-$1,763$1,751
 2/2 with Wood FloorsB4.11,287$1,784-$1,801$1,792
 2/2 with Wood FloorsB2 ANSI1,152$1,829 
 2/3 Townhome with Attached Garage and Wood FloorsTH B1.41,551$1,857 
1,093 sq. ft. B1-IS.1 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-IS.11,093$1,888-$2,035$1,961
1,287 sq. ft. B4 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB41,287$2,043 
 2/3 Townhome with Attached Garage and Wood FloorsTH B.11,572$2,049 
 2/3 Townhome with Attached Garage and Wood FloorsTH B1.21,580$2,049 
1,625 sq. ft. TH B2 floor plan2/3 Townhome with Attached Garage and Wood FloorsTH B21,625$2,100 
 2/3 Townhome with Attached Garage and Wood FloorsTH B1.31,580$2,611 
1,159 sq. ft. B3.2 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB3.21,159$1,598 
1,152 sq. ft. B2.1 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB2.11,152$1,600-$1,625$1,612
1,166 sq. ft. B3 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB31,166$1,607-$1,632$1,619
1,166 sq. ft. B3.1 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB3.11,166$1,610-$1,620$1,615
 2/2 with Wood FloorsB2 ANSI RT1,152$1,636-$1,651$1,643
1,129 sq. ft. B1-I.3 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-I.31,129$1,651-$2,024$1,837
1,116 sq. ft. B1.12 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1.121,116$1,567-$1,592$1,579
 2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-I.41,129$1,572-$1,600$1,586
 2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-I.61,105$1,589-$1,751$1,670
1,117 sq. ft. B1-I.8 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-I.81,117$1,594-$1,756$1,675
1,093 sq. ft. B1.5 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1.51,093$1,523 
1,122 sq. ft. B1.11 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1.111,122$1,543 
1,093 sq. ft. B1-IS.5 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-IS.51,093$1,552-$1,763$1,657
1,093 sq. ft. B1.2 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1.21,093$1,555-$1,565$1,560
1,105 sq. ft. B1-I.7 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-I.71,105$1,557-$1,754$1,655
1,093 sq. ft. B1-S.2 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB1-S.21,093$1,558-$1,580$1,569
1,280 sq. ft. B5.1 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB5.11,280$2,280-$2,454$2,367
1,280 sq. ft. B5.2 floor plan2/2 with Wood FloorsB5.21,280$2,280-$2,454$2,367
1,486 sq. ft. C1 ANSI floor plan3/2 with Wood FloorsC1 ANSI1,486$2,364-$3,084$2,724
 3/4 Townhome with Attached Garage and Wood FloorsTH C1.32,104$2,992-$3,021$3,006
 3/4 Townhome with Attached Garage and Wood FloorsTH C1.22,130$3,035 
2,104 sq. ft. TH C1.1 floor plan3/4 Townhome with Attached Garage and Wood FloorsTH C1.12,104$3,039-$3,494$3,266
2,174 sq. ft. TH C2 floor plan3/4 Townhome with Attached Garage and Wood FloorsTH C22,174$3,089-$3,552$3,320
1,489 sq. ft. C1 FSC floor plan3/2 with Wood FloorsC1 FSC1,489$2,216 



Amenities & Features

  • Pantry
  • Dishwashers
  • Mini Blinds
  • Extra Storage
  • Garden Tubs
  • Access Gates
  • Clubhouse
  • Walk In Closets
  • Disposals
  • Ice Makers
  • Microwaves
  • Vaulted / High Ceilings
  • Frost Free Refrigerators
  • 2 Pool(s)
  • Self Clean Ovens
  • Business Center
  • Patio Balcony
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Barbecues
  • 24 Hour Fitness Room(s)
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School Information

  • District: Not Specified
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Pet Policies

  • Cats and Dogs
  • 3 Pets Max
  • Breed Restrictions Apply
  • $300 Non Refund. Pet Fee
  • $10/mo Pet Rent
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Other Information

  • Formerly Known as Elan Lakeside
  • Lewisville - Coppell - Flower Mound - Lake Dallas
  • 3 Stories
  • $75 App Fee
  • Denton County
  • 425 Units
  • Hours: MF 9-6, SA 10-5, SU 1-5
  • Lease Terms: 3-13
  • Short Term Leases Available
  • Occupancy 96%
  • Manager: Melani Sanders
  • Management: Milestone Management
  • Year Built: 2014
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Parking Information

Attached Garages
Detached Garages$150


From Highway 121, take the 2499 Road (Long Prarie Road) and we are 2 miles ahead on the left.

About Nexus Lakeside

Elan Lakeside is an apartment community in Flower Mound, TX where you can experience a life like none other. The apartments feature updated amenities, such as new appliances and new flooring. Sitting on 150 acres, there is plenty of room to stroll along the paths outside or simply enjoy the view of the city from one of the many windows in your home. One of the amenities of each apartment is a washer and dryer. There are also ceiling fans in each unit as well as two-inch blinds that provide privacy while indoors. Granite counter tops are in each bathroom and kitchen. Larger homes have soaking tubs and private balconies.

From Nexus Lakeside

A2 and A3 are $500 off and the 2 bedroom/2 and 1/2 bath townhomes get $750 off and everyone that leases gets a $250 American Express gift card!!

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