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Our Website and Online Experience:
Far ExceedsExceedsMeetsBelowFar BelowNo Opinion
Easy to access
Easy to use
Easy to search for apartment rental info
Accurate and Helpful Online Apartment information
Easy to update/maintain your customer profile and/or criteria
Easy to understand the move and/or rebate concept
Easy to understand how to qualify for the move/rebate
Easy to understand the steps involved with our service
Additional Comments about our website and/or online experience:
Customer Service/Apartment Locating Agents on:
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Agent's Attitude
Knowledge about our services
Knowledge about apartment communities/rental info
Responsiveness to your needs
Overall Service
Additional Comments about your apartment locating agent:
The Moving Process and Moving Services Provided:
Far ExceedsExceedsMeetsBelowFar BelowNo Opinion
Easy to schedule move online (after confirmation number was provided)
Easy to understand "what we move"
Attitude of moving coordinator
Timeliness of their arrival
Attitude of moving team
Accuracy of additional charges (if any)
Overall Services
Additional Comments about your moving experience: