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Why Does UMoveFree Show More Apartment Listings? gives renters instant access to more Texas apartment listings than any other website or service. Most renters don't realize that the largest rental websites only publish information on the apartments that pay their advertising fee. This is typically 10 to 30% of the apartments in any given neighborhood. The vast majority of apartment communities do not budget this "flat rate" web advertising due to the high cost and lack of guaranteed return. Alternatively, UMoveFree only gets paid if we deliver a paying renter - that's you! Due to our reputation as the largest apartment locator in Texas we have listing relationships with nearly every apartment community in Texas. Many of our listings are exclusive, allowing us to show far more apartment community listings than other apartment sites.

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UMoveFree is also the only locating service that has exclusive access to the largest and most accurate private database of apartment listing information in the country. We ensure every community is called monthly to update listing details such as current pricing and move in specials. This allows us to give renters online access to listings that can't be found anywhere else on the web... We show updated rental information on over 95% of the apartments in Texas including photos, floor plans, amenities and updated pricing and specials.

UMoveFree vs. Other Apartment Locators

Smaller apartment locating competitors show either outdated information on a handful of properties or simply don't offer online listing information at all. Other locators subscribe to an "MLS-like" service that allows them to search apartment listings that work with locators, but almost none have the ability to display this information online. These industry databases are maintained by paid third parties, and locators do not own the data. This lack of ownership means they cannot legally display the listing information on their website. UMoveFree is different because of our exclusive partnership with the largest apartment data provider in Texas.

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